3 Step Rewind step 1

Course description

The content of this course provides the first step towards healing your traumatic birth or perinatal event. 

Through a series of 3 essential exercises Step 1 aims to guide you towards a better understanding of what happened, how it felt then and, crucially, how it still continues to impact on your life, your relationships and your sense of self, now.

With this understanding you will be invited to consider how you would like to think and feel, how you would like to respond if you were free of the heavy feelings and symptoms.

Also included is a relaxation audio to lower your current levels of tension and anxiety.

Alex Heath

Alex Heath

Course Creator, Hypnotherapist

Alex Heath is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip Hyp since 2010) and doula and specialises in using hypnosis for birth preparation, birth trauma and fertility work.

Having used trauma techniques successfully for years she is now sharing this knowledge online with courses for both birth professionals and parents.

She launched the website www.traumaticbirthrecovery.com in May 2016 and has been teaching this course face to face in the UK as a 2 day workshop since April 2016. 

Alex has worked with 100s of parents to lift their birth trauma symptoms and has so far trained over 160 birth professionals in these skills.

Email - info@traumaticbirthrecovery.com

Phone - 0208 230 3663

Mobile - 07739 849731

Course Includes

5 Videos

2 PDFs

1 Audio